Reception of common areas

Once construction is complete, the syndicate of co-owners must take possession of the common areas. The pre-approval inspection of the common areas is carried out jointly by the syndicate of co-ownership, as soon as it is formed and in control of the building, by a building professional appointed by the syndicate and by the contractor. 

The mandatory steps to follow to ensure that this inspection is compliant are:

  1. The contractor sends a notice of completion of the work to the syndicate of co-ownership and to each known co-owner when the work is completed or only minor work remains to be done;
  2. The union selects a professional to inspect the common areas from a pre-established list of items to be checked;
  3. Following the inspection, the professional issues a written notice indicating the date of receipt of the common parts, the work to be corrected and the minor work to be completed, if necessary. The document prepared by the professional constitutes the receipt of the common parts. In the case of a phased co-ownership, the acceptance of the common areas and the declaration must be made at the end of the work on each of the buildings.
  4. The contractor sends the document of receipt of the common areas prepared by the building professional to the syndicate, to each known co-owner and to any new purchaser at the time of the conclusion of the contract. The contractor must also provide a copy to the administrator upon request.

We offer the inspection service of common areas whose purpose is to write a compliance notice or work to be corrected.