Facade inspection law 122

Since March 18, 2013, following the adoption of the Regulation to improve safety in buildings (Bill 122) and the Safety Code, Building Chapter, the owner of a building of 5 floors or more is required to submit to the Régie des bâtiments du Québec (RBQ) every 5 years a thorough audit report signed by an engineer or architect indicating that the building’s facades do not present any dangerous condition.

For a new building, the first check must be carried out on the 10th anniversary of the construction (the first groundbreaking).

Our procedure includes:

  • Preliminary meeting with the owner/manager of the building;
  • Free estimate;
  • On-site survey (visual and tactile), issuance of a plan of the existing building, analysis of construction documents (if available), on-site inspection using the necessary high-tech equipment, photo taking;
  • Full report to the owner/manager of the building, and :
  • If the building is considered safe, we will issue a certificate of conformity signed by an engineer, recommendations for repair and follow-up, with a timeline and a quantification of the anomalies observed;
  • If the building is deemed unsafe, we will apply the procedure for reporting hazardous conditions requested by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.
  • Reminder 6 months before the next mandatory inspection.