Building mechanics

Over the years, the original technical documents of the building have been lost. Successive operators try to operate mechanical systems, especially ventilation systems, to the best of their knowledge. Sometimes, the operation of these systems is handled by the company doing the routine maintenance. This is not acceptable, because by operating ventilation systems randomly, the building’s air balance is destroyed. A building, in order to extend its service life, must be in a neutral state (the volume of air entering the building must be equal to the volume of air being evacuated from the building). If the building is under strong negative or positive pressure, this imbalance can influence the condition of the envelope materials. Premature cracks may appear, mould, transfer of odours from one room to another or other anomalies. 

In order to solve these problems, our services include: 

  • Documentary research and thorough on-site inspection, notes and photo taking; 
  • Analysis of existing mechanical systems: ventilation, heating and cooling, plumbing, fire protection; 
  • Issuance of a document entitled “Operational Management of Mechanical Systems” that presents all systems, their major components and operating sequences, in accordance with the original design; 
  • Installation next to each ventilation system of a plastic sheet indicating the sequence of operation of the system in question. This will eliminate the possibility of operational change over the years, depending on who is in charge. The operation will be clearly explained and the operator will have to comply with it.