Maintenance logbook

The maintenance booklet includes:

  • The address of the building for which it is established; 
  • The identity of the trustee in force; 
  • Copies of the building’s insurance contracts accepted by the syndicate of co-owners, as well as the expiry date of these contracts; 
  • The list of maintenance contracts granted by the union to external companies and their expiry dates (e.g. elevators, lawn care, etc.) 
  • The history of the major work, the contact information of the contractor who carried out the work, warranties and any other relevant information; 
  • A monthly calendar over 5 years indicating the activities to be carried out (by the union representative or by external companies); 
  • A guide with explanatory summary sheets for each activity; 
  • Forms to be completed by the person in charge and kept in the building register;

This tool is very useful to the condominium corporation in order to monitor preventive maintenance activities in real time and recommend adjustments, if necessary. The maintenance logbook is intended as a register annexed to the Building Register. It is also useful to a potential buyer, who will have a true picture of the building’s condition and will be able to evaluate the costs of future work.