Since March 18, 2013, following the adoption of the Règlement visant à améliorer la sécurité dans le bâtiment (Law 122) and of the Code de sécurité, chapter Building, owners of multistorey parkings have the obligation to present to RBQ every 5 years detailed report, issued and signed by an engineer, indicating that the parking does not represent a safety hazard. If the parking is 5 years or older from its construction date, the owner must present a full inspection report within 3 years from March 18, 2013 (therefore before March 17, 2016) Our procedure includes the following services:

  • Preliminary meeting with the owner/manager
  • Free estimate
  • On-site survey drawings, construction document analysis (if available), parking inspection (using state-of-the-art equipment), thermal imaging, photos
  • Complete report with compliance recommendations:
  • Inspection registry update as requested by the RBQ
  • Courtesy 6 months prior to inspection follow-up