Winner Entrepreneurship Contest

Consultant Façade Plus, winner of the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest

The Québec Entrepreneurship Contest (QEC) is to develop the entrepreneurial culture in Quebec by the deployment and the recognition of new businesses and entrepreneurial projects in schools and communities. The EQC means to this end mobilize the stakeholders in the education sector and socioeconomic network.

In this 17th edition of the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest for the Montreal region, received no fewer than 375 projects in the Student Entrepreneurship division of business projects and 300 were deposited in EDO. Of these, 11 companies compete for the new prize Success Inc. We are particularly proud of the 9850 Montreal participants who display their “strong desire to innovate and their natural propensity for teamwork” launched enthusiastically M. d ‘Orsonnens, president of Druid.